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R-space strives to provide an affordable, creative and beautiful environment for very talented artists, artisans, and merchants to display and sell their work. We work to have a selective mix of vendors that will compliment and inspire each other.

At R-space we provide what ever amount of space an artist, artisan, or merchant needs to adequately display their products in a clean and well appointed retail atmosphere.

We also help our coop members to think through their merchandising, marketing, sales, and product strategies.  Helping them to strengthen and expand their existing market.

We are always reviewing and welcoming new coop members into R-space and we would appreciate hearing about any new up and coming artists, artisans, and merchants in our area.

Artists & Artisans

At R-space we provide the retail and commercial sales expertise that helps St. Louis artists and artisans realize their dreams of seeing their products in local homes, offices, and commercial businesses. 

R-space provides a professional  and welcoming environment for customers to experience and enjoy the creative environment created by our local producers of residential and commercial décor.

Part of what we offer our coop members is the professional merchandising, marketing, and sale of their products. 

We also add the environmental energy in order to draw the public into R-space with our onsite Coffee Bar and Café and by sponsoring in store events, such as, CEU's, Artist Premieres, Musical events, and Local Entertainment.

R-space brings together a combination of artists, artisans, and merchants who provide an exciting and energizing mix of products for commercial and residential customers.  

Our artists, artisans, and merchants bring the flair and flavor of the St. Louis' art and craft scene to life.  R-space was developed to provide a location for St. Louisans to come and enjoy the latest trends and fashions expressed in creative products by local artisans.

We welcome you to come and explore R-space and enjoy the creativity that will inspire you in your efforts to find the perfect pieces for your home, office, or project.

Thank you for visiting R-space,

Mei Yang & Patrick Reiner